IP and technology

For some businesses intellectual property can be their strongest asset, yet many are very weak in protecting it.

The Primas Law intellectual property (IP) team understands the value of IP and, more importantly, how to protect it. Regardless of industry or location, most businesses have intellectual property they need to protect, and many don't even realise they have it.

Our intellectual property solicitors can work with you to help identify it and advise you on how to best protect and exploit it.

Modern investors and prospective purchasers pay increasingly significant attention to the value that IP brings to a business. Effectively managing your IP portfolio, by way of appropriate commercialisation and enforcement action, will also add real value to your balance sheet.

Technology businesses

We have a specific niche in advising technology businesses.

Technology and IP might be at the core of your business. For example, you may be a developer and licensor of complex software, or a provider of software as a service, or a company involved in tech-based R&D. If technology underpins your business model, then you will require expert advice which recognises the bespoke opportunities and challenges which are brought about by the technological environment in which you operate. This is a highly specialist area which requires equally specialist, as opposed to general, advice.

Examples of the types of work we do are as follows:
  • Assignment, licensing, joint venture and collaboration agreements
  • Confidential information
  • Copyright law
  • Database Rights
  • Design protection
  • Development agreements
  • Disposal of IP rights
  • Distribution, agency, manufacture, supply, sponsorship and other commercial agreements
  • Grating security over IP
  • IP audits and due diligence, including drafting consequential reports and documentation
  • IP litigation
  • Passing Off
  • Patents
  • Research and development
  • Standard form contracts
  • Trade marks