Example fees for Debt Recovery

Example fees:

These indicative fees are an example of our likely fees in relation to an unpaid invoice which is not yet disputed and where no further action is required. Depending on the response received, it is likely that further work will be required and we will provide you with a bespoke estimate of costs following this. If extensive work is required, this may be charged on an hourly rate. #

Claim - Fee (Excl. Vat)
Up to £5000 - £150.00
£5,001 to £10,000 - £175.00
£10,001 to £50,000 - £300.00

These fees include taking instructions, reviewing initial documentation, undertaking initial (none fee baring) searchesand drafting a letter before action but do not include disbursements such as court fees which can be found here or drafting and submitting a Claim with the Court. (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/789201/ex50-eng.pdf)

In the event that Court proceedings are required, we will provide you with an estimate. It is likely that Money Claims Online can be utilised for straight forward recovery claims and our fees for submitting the same are likely to be in the region of £125 plus Vat.