Commercial litigation and dispute resolution


Expert litigation lawyers you can trust when a difficult situation arises.

Disputes are a way of life –be it business or personal. The way you handle such disputes can make or break a situation, so it’s essential you’re prepared. 

Commercial disputes, specifically, relate to disagreements with commercial significance. Commercial dispute resolution is the phrase used for resolving this dispute, before court action, or litigation, occurs.

At Primas Law, our team of experienced and trusted litigation lawyers adopt a bespoke, analysis-based approach to each case, leading to a decisive, pro active and successful strategy. We put ourselves in the client’s shoes, aiming to achieve the best and most cost effective route to resolution, as quickly as possible.  

Despite the way in which disputes are settled evolving over time, our expert commercial litigation lawyers are on-hand to ensure a positive outcome to your disagreement.  

We develop a unique approach tailored for every dispute. Whether it be Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation to gain a successful outcome, or litigation through the courts, you can be assured our litigation lawyers will support you every step of the way. 

Whichever the solution, having Primas’ team of expert commercial litigation solicitors on your side will give you an advantage. 

Headed up by Partner and Head of Litigation, Daniel Thomas, the Primas Law commercial litigation team regularly handles claims arising out of business purchase and sale agreements, as well as commercial contract disputes and fraud.

Our knowledgeable litigation solicitors also have a particular niche in:

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Key Individuals

Daniel Thomas, Partner and Head of Litigation at Primas

Daniel Thomas

Partner and Head of Litigation

Carl Sebastian

Senior Associate - Litigation

Lauren Steel, Litigation Solicitor at Primas

Lauren Steel-Smith

Associate - Litigation

Commercial Litigation & Disputes FAQs

Litigation, also referred to as dispute resolution, refers to the process of resolving a dispute by taking the matter to court. Disputes can also be resolved through negotiation, before trial proceedings take place, or alternative dispute resolution. 

Litigation proceedings can often be a long and arduous process, so it’s the role of a litigation solicitor to lead on this process with the aim of resolving the dispute, whether through the court or negotiation.

Our expert litigation lawyers are well versed in dealing with complex issues and resolving them in a straightforward manner, focused on the outcomes that you want to achieve in order to expedite the process.

If you’re in need of a litigation solicitor, get in touch with our team today: 

A commercial dispute is a disagreement between two or more businesses relating to commercial activity. This could also include director’s disputes, shareholder disputes and matters which relate to individuals.

Injunctive relief, otherwise known as an injunction, refers to the obtaining of a mandatory or prohibitive injunction from the court.

A mandatory injunction forces a party to do something, whereas a prohibitive injunction requires them to stop doing something.

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