Built environment projects

Projects in the built environment generate growth and development in the UK and global economies. They are the engines that drive many of our clients’ businesses.

Key contact: David Vayro, Partner and Head of Built Environment Projects (david.vayro@primaslaw.co.uk).

“The Built Environment is a significant enabler of productive activity in our economy. People need affordable, safe and sanitary housing, as well as access to education and welfare facilities. These networks also need the infrastructure to link places of work, relaxation and entertainment to make them accessible and to service them. In a wide variety of ways, all of our clients engage in this process.”

At Primas Law, we are guided by two key principles when delivering built environment projects; collaboration and cooperation. We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach and work with key stakeholders to meet our clients’ business objectives for each project.

We achieve these objectives through a combined approach of high quality, cost effective and commercially pragmatic advice based on long-standing and trusted business relationships. Our team is motivated by the ability to contribute to projects that are people-driven and offer a commercial, economic or social benefit to others.

Led by David Vayro, a construction legal services expert with more than twenty years’ experience in the sector, our team focuses its efforts and energy on understanding what clients need from their projects and tailoring the level and extent of our involvement to meet those needs and project budgets. We are agile, dynamic and innovative, and we will harness those qualities to our pragmatic approach as we assist clients in delivering their projects.

We are experts in our field and consistently provide a fresh approach to managing the design and construction-related risk around built environment projects of any size and complexity.

Our services include:
  • Advising on the procurement of built environment projects, including legal risk analysis and reporting, contracting strategy and contract selection alongside the risk impacts of different funding strategies;
  • Preparing design consultant appointments, building contracts and design subcontracts;
  • Preparing secondary security documentation such as Parent Company Guarantees, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Retention Bonds and documentation protecting Third Party Rights (including collateral warranties where otherwise unavoidable);
  • Advising on and provision of ancillary documentation during the project lifecycle including deeds of variation, final account and other settlement agreements, letters of intent, reliance letters (usually in relation to environmental and site investigation activity);
  • Providing conflict management and, where unavoidable, dispute resolution advice and action;
  • Advising on the construction aspects of other procurement structures including development agreements, development management agreements, and forward funding agreements;
  • Providing risk management reviews with clients followed by a range of outputs including a RAG report on exiting documentation and recommendations for change, amending existing documents and preparing new documents (or suites of documents);
  • Providing focussed and cost effective due diligence input on the design and construction risk aspects of project documentation where our clients are owners, occupiers, developers, funders and/or investors, including in relation to regeneration projects, affordable housing projects, M&A activity, senior and mezzanine financing of real estate projects;
  • Providing strategic and tactical advice and action plans in relation to the management of the risk and project impact of the insolvency of any project participant;
  • Advising in relation to the construction aspects of, for example, compliance with Building Regulations, CDM Regulations and the Housing Grants (Construction and Regeneration) Act 1996 (as amended)