Five Minutes With: Danielle Ayres, Employment Lawyer

I always make sure people are kept updated so expectations are managed, but I still don’t like doing things later than I said I would.

Danielle Ayres | Employment Partner

Danielle is an experienced employment lawyer, and joins the Primas team with her a wealth of experience and legal knowledge.

Whilst her experience lies across all aspects of the employment relationship, Danielle has carved out a particular niche for pregnancy and maternity related issues – becoming one of the go-to solicitors in this speciality.

Following some time to settle in, Danielle talks to us about her role and her hints and tricks for the world of employment law.

Why did you choose to join the Primas Law team? 

 “Simply put: Primas Law is a really great place to work.

Employee opinion is important and genuinely listened to. We have fruit baskets delivered to the office every week (which stops me eating chocolate!) We operate hot desking in the office following feedback that employees were keen on continuing to work flexibly to fit in with our schedules. Most importantly, everyone that works here is genuinely a nice person (and good at their job too!)” 

What’s something you’ve learnt from a client? 

“How to adapt to whatever is thrown at you.  A lot of employer clients throughout the pandemic have had to adapt – and really quickly too.  Whether that be placing people on furlough, making redundancies to save their business, or setting staff up to work from home.  For many, these changes were not easy. However, given the Government’s guidance and the impact that COVID-19 had on businesses and people in general, they had to be made.  The vast majority of our clients just got on with it and put measures in place extremely quickly, in whichever way they could.”

Has the recent COVID crisis impacted how you work?

“At first, it impacted it massively.  The Government’s introduction of working from home and furlough mean that we were extremely busy.  It felt like there was new legislation and guidance produced every day to keep on top of.  Even now, as we seem to be coming out of it, I’m advising employers about hybrid working arrangements, getting people back up to full pay and full time hours and also recruiting staff – which is a big factor for many.”

What do you listen to in the morning / on your commute?

“I much prefer listening to music, rather than talk shows or podcasts. I love all kinds of music – from 80’s classics, pop, through to old school R n’ B.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you see me singing along happily in the car.”

What’s your biggest work pet-peeve?

“Not being able to get things done on time.  The nature of our work means that sometimes best laid plans have to be side-lined if an employer needs urgent advice or a corporate job needs employment assistance.  I always make sure people are kept updated so expectations are managed, but I still don’t like doing things later than I said I would.

Also, people who change their sign-off depending how the matter is going for them “Regards”, “Kind regards”, “Best wishes”, “Yours”.”

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

“I make a list at the start of every day, with two “urgent” things that must be done before lunch.”

If you weren’t a lawyer, what job would you have?

“I always wanted to be a dentist, but unfortunately I was really, really, really bad at science.”

How would your colleagues describe you?

“I’d hope they would say that I know my stuff when it comes to employment issues, especially women’s rights, but in reality I’d expect them to say I drink far too much (weak) tea and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion.”


If you’re experiencing employment related issues and wish to contact Danielle, email her on: danielle.ayres@primaslaw.co.uk or DM her on Twitter: @DAyresSolicitor.

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