In lots of ways, the employment relationship is no different from any other relationship.

When things are going well between employer and employee, they can work in harmony to their mutual benefit. The employer can reap the rewards of an employee who is motivated and in tune with the employer’s aims and purpose. The employee can want to get up in a morning and go to work, without stress or worry about what the working day ahead might have in store.

However, just as in any relationship, when things are not going so smoothly between employer and employee, an employment relationship can become toxic and a source of significant harm, both on an organisational level, but also on a personal level for all individuals concerned, on both sides.

A further complicating factor in an employment relationship, and probably the main difference between it and any other, is the law. Employment law in the UK is extensive, formed by a significant body of legislation and decades of evolved and evolving case law.

Given the complexity of employment law, and given the harm that can be caused if relations between employer and employee do not run smooth, it is inevitable that the parties to an employment relationship might need help from time to time. The team of specialist employment lawyers at Primas Law can provide that help, whatever the issue or problem might be.